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PUPPY GUARANTEE and CONTRACT IN AS MUCH AS Ona Behrman hereafter called the "Breeder", offer for sale a Rottweiler Puppy (____Male ____Female) further described as _____Pet/Companion or ____Show/Breeding (Prospect) Puppy: ___________________________________ Date of Birth_______________ AKC Litter#__________________ Sire:______________________________________ AKC#____________________________ Dam:_____________________________________ AKC#____________________________ AND IN AS MUCH as ________________________________hereafter called the Buyer(s) agree to purchase the Rottweiler Puppy described above for the sum of $________ under the following conditions: NO WARRANTIES ARE EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED This contract is being freely entered into, agreed upon, and signed by both parties, Buyer/Breeder, without any mental reservation whatsoever. Should there be any dispute, legal venue shall be State of ND, County of Williams. If pup is shipped, breeder will sign and date 2 copies of the contract and mail out to buyer with other necessary paperwork. Buyer must in turn sign and date both copies of contract, keep one and mail back a copy to breeder within 30 days or all guarantees are null and void. APPLIES ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL BUYER(S) 1. Breeder guarantees that the above described pup is a purebred Rottweiler, with AKC registered parents. Buyer will duly register ownership of this pup with the AKC. 2. Breeder guarantees that the pup is in good health at the time of purchase and will furnish buyer(s) with the pups immunization record. Tails will be docked, dew claws removed. However, if dew claws grow back they are the buyers responsibility (many breeders are choosing to not remove them at all). 3. Breeder guarantees that the sire/dam are healthy with no hip dysplasia. 4. The buyer(s) further agrees to take the following steps regarding the health, safety and training of the pup described herein: A. Buyer(s) agrees to properly maintain the health of the pup, for the life of the pup which includes proper diet, regular (safe) exercise, and to be examined by a licensed veterinarian and to be given the rest of the immunization shots along with worming and also when due, rabies shots. B. The buyer(s) shall provide proper nutrition, shelter and exercise. C. The pup shall be socialized properly after all immunizations given, to include other people outside the family, other dogs, and strange places. Obedience classes are mandatory before the pup is 1yr old. Upon satisfactory completion of obedience classes, buyer must send a copy to breeder. Also keep a Rottweiler reference book on hand at all times to refer back to. 5. If the pup is bought as a breeding prospect, the breeder guarantees against all genetic problems up to 2 years old. All vaccinations must be current and documented by a licensed vet. The buyer must also have copy of licensed Veterinarians written report on any genetic problems, but, Breeder reserves the right to request a second opinion from another licensed vet of breeders choice at buyers expense. When breeding this Rottweiler it must be at least 2 years of age, and at the age of 2 years, has had hips certified free of dysplasia by the OFA and received a OFA number (or all guarantees are null and void). If at the age of 2 years this Rottweiler pup is found to have hip dysplasia/elbow problems certified strictly by OFA, only then will breeder replace original pup bought. If any eye diseases or entropian lids, must have report from canine eye specialist. If pup is not breeding sound as mentioned above, breeder will replace with another pup of same value when one becomes available (NO cash refunds), and original pup must be spayed or neutered. Breeder is NOT responsible for any loss of possible future income, or any emotional or physical duress that might be caused from not being able to breed or show this Rottweiler for whatever reason. Also, breeder is NOT responsible or liable for any vet bills or surgery while pup is in buyers possession if anything arises that is health related or genetic. Buyer(s) is responsible to meet all breeding requirements as set forth by AKC breed standards or the Rottweiler must be spayed or neutered to protect the Breed. Also, if a pup is bought as show prospect, all guarantees mentioned above for breeding prospect apply for show prospect, however, there is no guarantee that a show prospect pup will win in the show ring. But, if a good concentrated effort is made to show this pup and it is disqualified for any faults as outlined by AKC standards, then this pup is to be spayed/neutered (copy sent to breeder) 6. If pup is sold as a "Pet or Companion" this Rottweiler CANNOT be used for breeding. Pup will be sold with a Limited AKC Registration, offspring cannot be registered, and pup must be spayed or neutered with copy sent to breeder before pup is 1yr old or all guarantees are null/void. Breeder does not guarantee against overbite or under bite, white on the chest, or other areas. Genetic or health problems, other than the afore mentioned, are guaranteed up to 2 years old and all vaccinations must be current and documented by licensed vet. Must also have copy of licensed Veterinarians written report on genetic problems. Hips are guaranteed up to 2 years of age but must be certified free of dysplasia by the OFA. If certified to have hip dysplasia/eye disease, or elbow problems only by the OFA at the age of 2 years, then breeder will replace pup with another of same value when one becomes available (NO cash refunds). Original pup must be neutered or spayed. Again, as mentioned above, breeder is NOT responsible for any vet bills or surgery while pup is in buyers possession if anything arises that is health related or genetic. Breeder also reserves the right to request another opinion from a licensed vet if pup has health or genetic problems at buyers expense. 7. Buyer(s) agrees to release and hold harmless breeder for any and all liability, damages, or injuries, caused directly or indirectly by the Rottweiler to any person, whether actual or legal, or to any property, whether physical, mental, emotional or economic, caused by the Rottweiler, beginning as soon as the pup leaves the breeders property. If for any reason buyer is not able to keep this pup, it must be returned to breeder with all necessary paperwork signed and turned over, unless other arrangements are made between buyer/breeder. This pup must NEVER be sold to a pet store, broker, puppymill, or surrendered to a shelter. Breeder must be notified immediately of any problems that arise. 8. Please remember, owning a Rottweiler puppy is a "Great Responsibility", we require it to be a family member and never be left outside chained or neglected, suitable housing/care must be provided at all times. If breeder finds and has proof that this pup has been mistreated, neglected, or abused, then breeder has right to repossess this pup at anytime and buyer must forfeit pup/paperwork and any monies paid. We will also notify the proper authorities. We are only a phone call away and will help with ANY questions on training or problems that might come up. We CARE about our puppies and want them to be happy as well as our customers! Don't forget to have your Rottweiler book on hand also, it helps to refer back to, OR JUST CALL ME, Ona, at (218) 640-6878 or email address is 9. Shipping Charges. Pups are shipped at 8 weeks of age, will have had 2nd set of shots/several wormings/vet health certificate/crate(if being shipped)/toy and a lifetime of breeder support! Along with the price of the pup, Buyer is responsible for shipping fees if applicable in the amount of approx. $350. In the event of a replacement pup, buyer is responsible for shipping charges/ground delivery. Also, in the event of a pup being returned for whatever reason, buyer is responsible for the expense of shipping/or ground delivery. Pup must have vet check-up at buyers expense within 72 hrs of delivery to insure health guarantee, or can use the original health certificate that pup had before shipping. All other guarantees from breeder apply up to 2yrs of age. 10. This puppy has a Lifetime Nutritional Guarantee if kept on "Life's Abundance" dog food for the entire life of this puppy.You can order dog food by going on This contract is null & void if puppy is not kept on Nu-vet Plus Canine vitamins. This nutritional supplement is only available through professional breeders and Veterinarian recommendation. Thank you and good luck with your precious Rottweiler pup! We the undersigned, have read this contract and so understand and agree to its terms and conditions. The written terms of this contract constitute the entire agreement between only Buyer(s) and breeder, and no other written, verbal, or parole statement, promises, documents, or writings shall have any weight of effect upon this contract. This contract is not transferable and if not followed then all guarantees are null/void.